Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NGO slams pamphlets smearing Ku Li

By Mohd Zuharman

KOTA BARU, Feb 17 – An NGO alliance calling for the restoration of Kelantan’s oil royalty rights, Gegar, accused certain parties of distributing a pamphlet slandering Gua Musang Member of Parliament Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for his position on the matter.

Razaleigh’s (picture) position is that the state of Kelantan has a right to a 5 per cent royalty.

“We were made aware of the matter by several school teachers here. For Gegar, it is extremely disappointing.

“It is strange that the need to discredit Tengku Razaleigh’s noble intentions is so great that they are willing to spread pamphlets smearing him,” said Gegar joint-chairman, Dr Abdul Halim Yusuf.

Gegar believes that the distribution of the pamphlets to schools was done through agents working at Umno and BN’s behest.

Barisan Nasional has denied responsibility for the distribution of the pamphlet, while the State Education Department refuted that it has been used for political purposes.

However, Kelantan Education Department director, Mohd Ghazali Abdul Rahman, confirmed Kelantan Umno liaison chief, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, was present during a meeting of education heads earlier this month and that the issue of oil royalty was broached.

Ghazali, nevertheless, denied Umno-BN was utilising educational institutions to disseminate information on its position in the oil royalty tussle.

“Datuk Mustapa knew about the conference, so he asked to address it briefly. I allowed it. He didn’t say much anyway.”

Ghazali also felt it would be useful if proper information could be delivered to school teachers, thereby eliminating possible confusion.

“But if this means that the education department is accused of supporting BN’s political aims, it is patently false,” he said.

Ghazali said he was uncertain if it was true that Kelantan schools were being used to spread the pamphlets on Razaleigh but vowed he would take stern action if schools were found to be involved.

Meanwhile, Kelantan BN secretary, Datuk Alwi Che Ahmad, claimed ignorance over the pamphlets but said it was improper to have distributed such material in schools

Sumber: MalaysiaInsider

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